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Do you want to develop a powerful web app like Github, Slideshare, and Goodreads using ruby? Are you looking for the best ruby frameworks, to begin with? You have come to the right place.

Ruby comes with many features like Object-oriented, mixins, naming conventions etc. These features help in building project management applications, e-commerce applications, aggregator platforms, video-on-demand, etc. Just like ruby users, the list of ruby features and ruby use cases is also long. 

In this blog, we have listed the top 5 ruby frameworks that can help in your business growth. This framework will discuss the pros and cons, use cases and what business can grow better. With this list, you can draw conclusions on what ruby framework you should use for your business.

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Let’s begin.

What is Ruby?

Ruby is a beautiful and artful language. It is also handy and practical. Yukihiro “Matz” Matsumoto invented Ruby by using parts of his favourite languages (Perl, Smalltalk, Eiffel, Ada, and Lisp). He meant to create a balanced functional programming language with imperative programming. It was released in 1995 and since then it hasn’t ceased to create buzz. 

Ruby is an object-oriented programming language that has been around for more than two decades. It is a secure, dynamic, open-source, and high-level programming language. Its wide range of capabilities is used to create from a single-page app to complex web applications and software. Ruby frameworks’ metaprogramming method makes it easy to use for programmers of all experiences. Ruby on Rails can help you add more functionality to your services. Most of the services you use on a regular basis use some third-party API to enhance their functionality. Read our guide on how to build a Ruby on Rails API

Best Ruby Frameworks Which Are Full-Stack, Free and Open-Source for Web Development

A full-stack Ruby framework is a full-fledged framework that helps in building applications and websites. 

Some tasks a full-stack ruby framework can perform are – 

  • Handling of Databases and ORM
  • Manage user accounts, authentication and authorization
  • Input validation
  • Web template engine

Read about the 2 best full-stack, free and open-source Ruby web frameworks below. 

Best Full-Stack, Free and Open-Source Ruby Web Frameworks

1. Ruby on Rails

ROR Image

One of the best Ruby frameworks is Ruby on Rails. This framework is used in many giant projects like Twitter. It is a web development framework with an MVC control structure. This web development framework has helped in managing databases, web pages, development structures, and various components of web applications.  

‘Gems’ is an extensive plugin library for Ruby on Rails. Hiring Ruby on Rails developers can help you install ‘Gems’ using a popular Ruby package manager called RubyGems. You can also check out our updated guide to hire ruby on rails developers in 2023

RoR offers a fundamental framework for using the model-view-controller (MVC) architecture pattern to design web pages, databases, and online services. Additionally, it enables ROR developers to use HTML, JavaScript, CSS, and XML to create interactive user interfaces.

The most notable Ruby on Rails projects include Twitter, Airbnb, and Bloomberg.

Benefits of Using Ruby on Rails Framework

Customization of App

Use the interactive tools to add interesting features, customize your app, reuse code and reduce development time. 

Lowers Development Time

Use the pre-installed plugins & diverse modules to reduce development time and ease the development process for long codes. 

Effective E-commerce Integration

With Ruby on Rails, you can manage a large customer database and integrate support services for the same. 

Simplicity in Coding

Ruby on Rails code is similar to natural language, making it easier to read, work, and track. 

Increases productivity

Rails is quick and effective because it concentrates on getting the job done with the least amount of hassle.

Agile development

Agile development methodology simplifies the process by offering RoR developers quick access to updates. 

Ruby on Rails is a great Ruby Framework for

  1. eCommerce web apps that have high-security features
  2. Data-driven websites with the requirement of handling large databases
  3. Developing quick prototypes with short deadlines
  4. Social media platforms with high-user traffic
  5. Rapid MVP development to scale and build
  6. Entertainment, multi-media web apps with dynamic content

Popular Companies using Ruby on Rails

  1. Twitter
  2. Airbnb
  3. Bloomberg

2. Hanami/Lotus


Hanami is a full-stack Ruby web framework. It was built by Luca Guidi. It is made up of small, single-purpose Ruby libraries. Hanami aims to create memory-efficient apps that are lighter than those created by other Ruby web frameworks. Hanami is optimized for speed due to its small size. 

Although it is built on the MVC design, it does not compel developers to follow any specific rules.

The source code and architecture of Hanami are built to deliver quick responses. Hanami also provides built-in assistance for security precautions and upholds the content policy of the web browser.

Hanami is a great ruby framework for –

  • Complex websites that deliver fast and accurate responses 
  • API development
  • Secure web apps like eCommerce platforms 

Popular companies using Hanami/Lotus

  • Netflix
  • CrunchBase

News Alert: The developers behind Ruby have released the v2.0 of this fast framework. The Hanami app structure has been revolutionized: the app/ directory is the primary home for your code, and slices are now optional. 

“What’s a slice?,” you may ask! Slices are separate modules in your application. A typical use of slices is to separate your business domains (e.g. billing, accounting, admin). Until 2.0 alpha, Hanami apps could only be built using slices, assuming you wanted a full monolith composed of multiple domains.

This change allows you to create small services with the minimal ceremony just as easily with this new version of Hanami.

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Best Ruby Micro-Frameworks 

3. Sinatra


Sinatra is currently the best ruby framework in the market for web development. It is the best Ruby microservices framework in contrast to Ruby on Rails.

Unlike Ruby on Rails, it does not support MVC patterns and instead promotes creating web applications from scratch. 

Ruby on Rails is commonly replaced by Sinatra, a straightforward and user-friendly DSL, as a web development framework. Sinatra, which takes its name from the iconic musician Frank Sinatra, is capable of establishing a completely operational web application using just one file.

Sinatra is frequently described as a microframework, however, that is just due to its lightweight and compact size. In the arena, Sinatra is strong, and competent, and supports RubyGems to complete specific tasks quickly. You might need an experienced and skilled ROR developer to use this amazing micro-framework for your projects.

Some notable projects using Sinatra are LinkedIn, Heroku, Apple, and BBC.

Benefits of using Sinatra

  • Lightweight: Only having the most useful components needed to build applications out of the box
  • Ease of use: Powerful enough to develop a functioning web application with just a single file

Sinatra is a Great Ruby Framework for – 

  • The quick development of API-driven web apps
  • Creating web services using Ruby
  • Small, basic websites like blogs with HTML code and CSS styles
  • Web apps that don’t require advanced features like Artificial intelligence

Popular companies using Sinatra

  • Heroku.
  • GitHub.
  • Apple.
  • BBC.
  • LinkedIn.
  • National Security Agency.
  • Agency Rainford.
  • Curbed Network.

Ramaze is another best ruby framework. It can help to create outstanding web app projects. Ramaze has a flat learning curve and is faster due to its small weight. It is popular among developers as a ‘bug-free’ framework. Ramaze is an excellent choice for projects if it involves JQuery, AJAX, ORM, JavaScript or any templating engine like Tenjin, and Liquid. Ramaze can help develop various projects from simple web pages to complex web apps due to its scalability and versatility. 

The benefits of using Ramaze

  • Fast & Bug-Free: Bug-free structure is very reliable.
  • Lightweight: its lightweight makes its process faster. 
  • Template Engines: Templates like liquid, ERB and Tenjin add to faster development. 
  • WEBrick: Create an adapter using WEBrick to make your development process faster.
  • ORM Compatibility: Use ORM compatibility to offer the best compliance facility to your users.  

Ramaze is a great ruby framework for 

  • For ruby projects involving templating engines and database toolkit
  • Development with Ramaze is quick. It is more optimized and faster than Rails
  • Rack applications and Rack API development

Popular companies using Ramaze 

  1. Etsy
  2. Shopify
  3. GitHub
  4. Airbnb
  5. SlideShare
  6. Hulu

5. Goliath


Goliath is one of the best Ruby frameworks written in Ruby. It is a lightweight web server framework that focuses on server-specific mechanisms. Some of the server mechanisms are the implementation and management of Rack API, middleware in Ruby and fully asynchronous processing. Goliath also focuses on the event-driven design due to the EventMachine reactor. You can leverage the skills and experience of an RoR Developer to implement this Ruby framework. Check out the essential Ruby on Rails interview questions to get an idea of how to make the correct hiring.

The benefits of using Goliath

Dedicated Request Channel: Request all processes using Ruby Fiber and use asynchronous operations to save from rewriting code.

Easy Code Understanding: The ruby framework Goliath offers maintainable and easier-to-decipher codes because of structural advancement.

Individual Servers: Remove layers of operations by using individual servers.

Simple Routing: Use rack API to create great interfaces and make HTTP request-response faster.

Goliath is a great ruby framework for –

  • Developing robust web-services
  • To build clean, high-performance HTTP endpoints
  • Use Goliath to abstract databases, scheduling systems etc.

Popular companies using Goliath

  • Universal Health Services
  • Ascension
  • CommonSpirit
  • Penn National Insurance
  • American Airlines
  • Office Depot
  • Tech Mahindra
  • Pacific Life
  • Xerox
  • HCL


Your choice of a ruby framework as a web developer, startup founder, marketing manager, or businessperson is totally up to you. Till now, we have covered top Ruby web frameworks and their features in this article. You can contact a hiring marketplace to hire the best Ruby on Rails developers who specialize in application development and handle complex tasks. The goal of this article is to make you choose the best Ruby framework easily and quickly. We hope this article has completed its goal.


What is the most common Ruby framework?

Ruby on Rails is the most common Ruby framework for web application development.

What is the most widely used Web framework for the Ruby programming language?

Ruby on Rails is the most widely used web framework for Ruby. Ruby on Rails has received around 50000 ratings on Github and about 2 lakhs of active websites rely on Ruby on Rails due to MVC architecture.

What is the best ruby framework?

The best ruby framework will depend upon the type of project you are working on. If you are developing a complex eCommerce website then Ruby on Rails should be the choice. If you are developing a single-page program that has a minimal amount of endpoints to control then you can use micro-ruby frameworks like Sinatra or Ramaze. If you are trying to develop better web services for your customers then you should use Goliath due to its fully asynchronous processing.

All our experienced Ruby on Rails developers follow the best coding practices and are thorough with the fundamentals and frameworks of  RoR development. Connect with us to scale up your development team at reasonable prices and within 48 hours.



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