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Welcome to hire Ruby on Rails developers guide from Optymize. This article discusses the advantages and typical uses of Ruby on Rails for businesses, as well as some of the most well-known firms that have included RoR into their stack.

But before diving further, let’s discuss Ruby and Rails. 

Ruby, a dynamic, all-purpose programming language, is used to create Ruby on Rails (RoR). However, Ruby on Rails is a framework and not a language. It was created in 2004.

Why Should You Hire Ruby on Rails Developers?

What are the needs to hire Ruby on Rails developers? The answer is to build robust, scalable, & secure web apps. This framework offers everything to create a database-backed web application according to the MVC model. 

After you hire Ruby on Rails developers, you will be able to 

  • i) Build native and cross-platform RoR web applications 
  • ii) Build a powerful, intuitive and interactive front-end that fulfils customers’ desire
  • iii) Integrate ROR with React, Reflex, Docker, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, & others
  • iv) Reduce your web apps memory usage and server response time
  • v) Easily set up your RoR project with powerful, scalable and cost-effective databases

Benefits Of Using Ruby On Rails For Your Project

Benefits Of Using Ruby On Rails For Your Project

Let’s discuss the technology of Ruby on Rails before getting into the process to hire Ruby on Rails experts. Why are we thinking about developing with Ruby on Rails? What advantages come with using RoR for your next project?

1. Faster Development

Hire Ruby on Rails programmers to accelerate your Ruby development process by reducing the amount of code writing. As a result, RoR experts can deliver a high-performance app in a shorter time.

2. Cost-Effective

Project budgets and deadlines are among the most frequent problems that organisations encounter. The objective is to always deploy projects on time and within budget. This is where the open-source Ruby on Rails framework comes in as it has a large community of developers. Additionally, it has excellent documentation and support.

3. Versatility

RoR offers a significant library full of add-ons, tools, and functions. Hire Ruby on Rails experts with proficient knowledge of these tools to enhance your application and make it more sophisticated and versatile.

4. Security

Data breaches have detrimental financial effects as well as significant reputational losses. Without additional coding, Ruby on Rails offers a high level of security. Using built-in technologies, the framework enables a secure development lifecycle. Hire Ruby on Rails experts that will prevent and take action against every data breach. 

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Why Do Businesses Use Ruby on Rails?

Ruby on Rails can help businesses add more functionality to their services. Most of the services you use on a regular basis use some third-party API to enhance their functionality. Read our guide on how to build a Ruby on Rails API. Ruby on Rails is a popular framework among developers and businesses due to a lot of use cases. Some of them are mentioned below.

1. MVPs (Minimum Viable Products) 

RoR is a great option for the convenient and inexpensive development of MVPs. Before creating a Ruby on Rails app that is completely functioning, the framework is also frequently used for prototyping, testing upgrades, and evaluating multiple versions of applications.

2. eCommerce Platforms

Due to its adaptability, affordability, and rapid development, RoR is the preferred framework for many eCommerce sites like Shopify. One of the many Ruby on Rails eCommerce platforms is Shopify. RoR is also naturally scalable and capable of handling numerous transactions at once.

3. Social Networking Apps

Because it can support apps that experience high traffic, RoR is ideal for the development of social networking, like Twitter. This is also true with online travel agencies like Airbnb and Couchsurfing, two excellent examples of Ruby on Rails web design.

4. Platforms that Support Complex Databases

Hire Ruby on Rails experts to develop the ideal platform that demands extensive database utilization and hosting capabilities. The biggest Git repository platform, GitHub is the best example for such an application.

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Top 15 Companies Using Ruby on Rails

Check out this list of well-known companies that use the Ruby on Rails frameworks every day to provide significant value to their customers.

Top 15 Companies Using Ruby on Rails

The Ideal Job Description of a Ruby on Rails Expert

1. The Company Overview

(The company) is looking to hire Ruby on Rails developers to play an integral part in building and scaling our SaaS platform. The chosen candidate will collaborate with a cross-functional team and be involved in activities outside of product development. The developer must be confident and experienced in developing robust, scalable and reliable features in an application.  

2. The Responsibilities of a Ruby on Rails Developer

  • i) Assisting senior developers with software coding and maintenance. 
  • ii) Get familiar with tech stacks such as Ruby on Rails + Redis + Sidekiq + MYSQL
  • iii) Integrate and optimize API connections to third-party service providers
  • iv) Collaborate with team members in a fast-paced work environment
  • v) Work with a growing distributed global team of engineers.
  • vi) Attending meetings and contributing to company development  
  • vii) Improve coding skills by learning different code bases.

3. Requirements for Ruby on Rails Developer

  • i) Mention the number of required experiences as a professional Ruby on Rails Developer
  • ii) Mention the required degree or certifications

4. Technical Skills of a Ruby on Rails Developer

      Ruby On Rails

  • i) Hire Ruby on Rails developers with a solid understanding of object-oriented programming and RoR syntax such as loops, classes, modules, etc. A Ruby on Rails expert should be familiar with the MVC framework and know how to use it. 
  • ii) Hire Ruby on Rails experts who are familiar with the Ruby on Rails tech stack and can perform operations such as POST, GET, PUT, etc., The Ruby on Rails experts should also have a sufficient knowledge base about REST APIs. 


  • Ruby is a backend language, yet understanding how the front end operates is a valuable skill for RoR developers. A Ruby on Rails expert doesn’t need to be an expert in JavaScript and CSS, but being able to communicate well with front-end devs is a tremendous advantage.


  • Make sure Ruby on Rails experts have a solid understanding of databases and how to read and use logs before hiring them. One of the prerequisite skills for a Ruby on Rails developer is a working knowledge of SQL, PostgreSQL, and MySQL.

5. Soft Skills of a Ruby on Rails Developer

      Communication Skills

  • For working with teams and with clients, explaining complex things in simple language, and resolving conflict situations.

      Logical thinking

  • For creating logical concepts and turning ideas into working features.

     Analytical thinking

  • For quickly analyzing a situation and choosing a path that benefits the product.


  • For creating a work environment for self and other team members as well as faithfully completing tasks without supervision.


  • To control the entire team, the ability to lead and make decisions to achieve a common goal.

What is the Cost to Hire Ruby on Rails Programmers

The cost of hiring the best Ruby on Rails developers can vary according to region, level of experience, job title etc.

For instance, the salary of a junior Ruby on Rails developer will be significantly lower than that of an experienced developer.

The hourly rates of Ruby on Rails Developer according to PayScale for different regions:

USA                          $33.97

United Kingdom     $32.11

Australia                   $29.94

Germany                  $25.54

Ukraine                     $14.13

Uganda                    $7.78

Brazil                         $6.85

India                         $11.75

Philippines              $6.82

Avoid These Common Mistakes While You Hire Ruby on Rails Developers

Avoid These Common Mistakes While You Hire Ruby on Rails DevelopersMistake #1: Not Pre-Screening Candidates Thoroughly

Always conduct a pre-screening conversation with the Ruby on Rails developers to determine whether they are still interested in the position and to confirm the details on their résumé.

Mistake #2: Using an Incomplete Job Description

Give a comprehensive job description that outlines the roles and responsibilities. Make an explicit job description, for instance, if you need a junior Ruby on Rails developer with expertise working remotely, don’t forget to mention the remote requirements.

Mistake #3: Hiring Someone Based Only on Their Resume

Never choose a developer based on their resume only. The majority of applicants exaggerate the achievements they mention on their resumes. 

To gain a deeper insight into the candidate’s skills, add extra steps to your hiring processes such as technical tests and pre-interview screening calls.

Hire Ruby on Rails Developer in Five Steps

1. Write an Attractive JD

Writing a compelling Ruby on Rails job description is the first step to attracting top-quality talent. Some of the crucial points of an enticing job description are mentioned below:

  • i) Company Overview: Concisely state the culture, ethos and values
  • ii) The job title
  • iii) Exciting job duties/responsibilities
  • iv) Top qualifications and certifications (if any) of the developer
  • v) Technical and soft skills needed for the job 
  • vi) Time and Job Location
  • vii) Salary (if possible)

Remember, the job description is the only way you can attract top RoR talents. Be specific about the points mentioned above and come up with a brilliant RoR job description. 

2. Post Ruby on Rails job Advertisements on Multiple Sites

On the internet, some well-known websites to hire talents include LinkedIn, Indeed, etc. You can either hire for long-term, or short-term. If you need a short-term Ruby on Rails expert, you can hire freelance Ruby on Rails developers from sites like, Upwork, etc.

Sit back a while after posting the job advert and let the candidates fill up the application form. 

3. Compile the Resumes and Start the Screening Process

An appealing job description will attract ample top Ruby on Rails programmers. Now compile the applications that you received for your job advert. To make your screening process easier, you can sort the applications experience-wise or skills-wise. 

For the next step, identify the top-quality applications based on their resume, skills, experience, portfolio, etc.

Gather all the applicant profiles that fit your criteria and call the candidates for the interview round.

While screening through the applicants’ resumes, check the mentioned points to make a better choice:

  • i) Headline
  • ii) Summary
  • iii) Objective statement
  • iv) Work experience
  • v) Technical skills
  • vi) Education details
  • vii) Personal information

4. Interview Round

Usually, the interview round is divided into multiple phases like an HR interview and a technical interview round with a series of tests like solving industry-standard MCQs and coding challenges related to Ruby on Rails. 

  • i) The technical round should check whether the candidate can fulfil the following responsibilities:
  • ii) Has a proper understanding of Ruby on Rails syntax
  • iii) Use built-in Ruby libraries and tools to develop full-stack functionality for web apps
  • iv) Has the ability to integrate front-end and back-end components seamlessly
  • v) Has expertise in CSS3, HTML5,  and JavaScript and integrates design into the application’s code
  • vi) Has experience in assessing and improving existing Ruby applications. 
  • vii) Has experience in creating, maintaining and integrating databases in a system

The interview should focus on quality Ruby on Rails interview questions to be asked to make sure the candidate can fulfill your development expectations. 

After a rigorous interview process then comes the next step. If you are fully satisfied with the qualifications, requirements, and experience level of the candidate then don’t wait further. Sign the contract and onboard the candidate. 

5. Onboard

Get the paperwork done with both sides, sign the contract with the candidate and onboard him to your team. 

To give the candidate a better understanding of your company, create an orientation session with the rest of your team. Let your new employee understand your workplace better. 

Using the orientation session, introduce the new member to the existing team, and convey the necessary messages and instructions to the Ruby on Rails Developer. After the orientation, assign tasks to the new employee and begin the journey.

Ruby on Rails Alternatives

Here are a few such Ruby on Rails alternatives that may be suitable for your project or business idea.

Given the similarities between the two technologies, switching from PHP to Ruby on Rails is a viable option for developers.

1. Django

  • It is an open-source MVC framework for Python
  • It is flexible and easy to use
  • Easier data management practices

2. Laravel

  • A lightweight PHP development platform
  • Open-source, MVC architecture
  • Detail-oriented documentation 
  • Authentication services. automated testing, and error handling 


  • It is an open-source framework by Microsoft. It is written in C#.
  • MVC architecture 
  • Highly performative
  • Easy to update and maintain with a full-stack development tool
  • Supports external database engines

How to Hire Ruby on Rails Developers with Just a Call?

How to Hire Ruby on Rails Developers with Just a Call?The step-by-step process that we discussed above is long and tiring. This process can take up to months to complete, draining your valuable time and resources.  

So, if you do not have enough resources or want to save the remaining resources, then there is another way to move forward with your Ruby on Rails development.  

Independent hiring takes a lot of work these days. With so many job sites and millions of developer profiles, it is easier to get lost in searching for the perfect Ruby on Rails developer for your web applications.  

To save yourself from resource drainage, you can contact Optymize. We offer pre-vetted developers, unlike other sites where you have to hire them without knowing their real technical expertise. 

With just a call, you will be able to share your requirements with us. After that, we will give you access to top Ruby on Rails developers. We will share the developers’ resumes and portfolios, so you can choose from them to hire and onboard them in three days. 

It will not only save resources but also guarantee the completion of your Ruby on Rails development process.


Without a doubt, Ruby on Rails has become a popular open-source MVC Framework for creating robust web apps. However, finding top Ruby on Rails developers could prove to be tiresome.

Tips to ensure your hiring quality

  • Outline the scope of the project
  • Consider the requirement for coding experience 
  • Make sure developers know the latest tools and have a better understanding of full-stack development. 
  • Ensure the necessary soft skills quality before hiring

Utilize the crucial tips outlined in this hiring guide to identify and hire the best Ruby on Rails developer for your project. 



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