How to Hire Best Overseas Developer for Startups

How to Hire Best Overseas Developer for Startups | Optymize


Startups are the future tech giants. They seek recognition for their products and brand name just like other tech enterprises. To be successful, however, they need an effective development team who can rapidly scale their development needs at an affordable price, this is where overseas developers for startups are helpful, as they offer both effective product development and affordable pricing.

Many will think it’s a great solution, but how do we find these teams and hire them?

Though it looks like an easy solution, startup founders struggle to hire overseas developers as they don’t know the prerequisites and hiring procedure.

So, if you own a startup and don’t know how to hire overseas developers to drive success with high agility, follow this article.

What are Overseas Developers

As the name suggests, an overseas developer is an employee working for a particular company from overseas on a contractual basis.

The developer may be working thousands of miles away from his company headquarters. But with this strategy, companies get a chance to work with worldwide developers who serve them with robust and scalable solutions.

Why Overseas Developers for Startups, Problems with In-house Developers

Startups are the new technology innovation hubs that thrive with futuristic ideas and concepts. And as these innovations will likely shape our entire world, they must have the utmost resources.

Around 305 million startups are created each year, most are tech-based. Imagine the level of innovation happening in these mini-tech organizations. They could be building the next Meta(Facebook), Apple, or Google.

But according to research data, 90% of startups fail, which means only 10% of them survive and become tech giants.

There could be many reasons behind the downfalls of startups, and one of the prime reasons that cause a startup to fall is its resources—for instance, budget and poor in-house development.

Poor in-house development and a tight budget can give a fatal punch to explain how we have listed the below points.

1. Bad Hires

We don’t doubt the hiring process of any startups, but there is a high possibility that the talent acquisition teams onboard bad hires due to faulty vetting.

If someone from the startup development team refers a candidate, then the chances of him getting on board are high because he was referred and wasn’t put under critical tests.

Another reason startups end up with bad hires is that qualified developers demand high packages. As startups operate on a tight budget, they can’t afford to hire these professionals, which again leads to hiring beginner-level developers who seek guidance from seniors to carry out their operations.

2. Tedious Recruitment Process

Traditional recruitment is why tech giants prefer offshore development teams instead of in-house teams. Most startups work with an urgency to fill their resource gap to facilitate product development faster.

And as some reports say, companies spend more than 58 days hiring developers, so it’s not the solution for startups.

Sure, it’s essential to know the candidate and his background and to test him effectively to measure his caliber for the role. But there are better options to hire the best teams.

As offshore developers are pre-vetted, it takes a few days for them to get onboarded, which saves a ton of time, allowing startups to focus more on the core issues.

3. Loyalty

Employee loyalty matters when an organization has no other support other than grabbing its profits off its products.

Because most startups have a high chance of failure, in-house teams work under pressure and look for better opportunities to secure jobs, which means they may quit any day.

Moreover, the vacant role will need urgent filling and training to adapt to startup culture and development practices, which is time-consuming.

On the contrary, hiring offshore developers guarantees quality product development and deployment since they are hired on a contractual basis, so regardless of the size of your products, they will stay loyal and complete the project within the deadline.

Benefits of Hiring Overseas Developers for Startups

Companies highly prefer overseas developers because of their numerous benefits.

Above all, there are more than 50+ platforms that promise to provide startups with agile offshore developers to upscale their teams. This means startup leaders can choose any of the offshore software development services based on their needs and budget.

1. Increased Productivity

The in-house team works in an office environment with disturbances and distractions, which affects their operations and focus.

Moreover, in-house teams are from beginners to mid-level seniors. As they lack enough experience, they fail to handle critical tasks such as complex system failures or architectural work.

Offshore development teams primarily work from remote locations or homes, which are quiet and have no distractions. This means their focus tends to be high.

Again, they have plenty of experience working for many tech giants and startups, which gives them an edge over any team since they can handle any crucial tasks or complex system failures and deliver your product within the deadline.

2. 24*7 Engagement

The problem with in-house development arises in the evening because there won’t be any development activity after sunset.

Overseas developers for startups operate from different corners of the world, similar to and opposite to their timezone.

If hired multiple dedicated offshore development teams from different locations, they are bound to get 24*7 product development.

3. Affordable

Startups run on a tight budget and have to limit their expenses to focus on effective product development and marketing strategy.

If they hired a developer, it would cost them around $100,000 per year. Imagine how much a dedicated in-house team would cost.

On top of that, they won’t be performing as well as overseas developers, and since it’s a startup, they will always be on the lookout for a secure job, which means they are not the ideal startup development team.

Overseas developers for startups are ideal because all of them operate from a developing nation, and the salaries in these regions are comparatively low compared to the US.

Due to this difference in wages, you can hire a dedicated offshore development team that can work under a single in-house developer’s yearly salary.

4. Efficient Hiring & High Scalability

Hiring traditional teams can be time-consuming and tedious. It takes more than 58 days to hire a developer, with the possibility of onboarding bad hires.

Overseas developers for startups are easier to hire because they are pre-vetted and have an efficient hiring process that facilitates easy onboarding. The vendors who provide these overseas developers promise to find a suitable match for the startup project within 2 to 3 days.

This is beneficial for them as they are always in a rush and have an urgency to build products. Hence, overseas developers for startups are the best choice if a startup wants high scalability.

5. A Push to Market Reach

Startups always need to spread their product worldwide and increase their brand name.

By hiring overseas developers, startups can get a huge chunk of the audience from developers’ home locations. Moreover, developers can promote these startups in event developer communities to help them grow overseas.

How to Hire Overseas Developers for Startups

Okay, now it’s clear that overseas developers are ideal, startup founders need to understand how to hire them.

Many will criticize how hard it could be. But they must figure out everything before they jump in to hire overseas developers for startups.

1. Know What You Require

Startup founders and managers should work with a technical expert to find out the project requirements and accordingly build a list.

They must find out-

  • The size, scope, and resources of the project.
  • Required number of developers or teams.
  • Define budget.
  • Tech Stack.
  • Deadline of the project.
  • Other technical expertise and experience level in candidates.
  • Testing requirements and types of testing.
  • Deployment tools.

2. Surf on Internet To Find Suitable Vendors

The internet is the best place to find suitable vendors that can fulfill your business objectives.

Start searching for freelance websites, outsourcing/offshore agencies, and freelance marketplaces. Make a list based on the following factors.

  • What they offer.
  • What vision and goals do they have?
  • How they work.
  • Do they offer specific expertise?
  • Other expertise(for future engagement).

3. Pick The Right Vendor

After listing suitable vendors, start discussing with your technical experts and manager to choose the right vendor for product development.

While choosing, check if the vendor meets the following criteria.

  • Good Rating, Reviews of the vendor.
  • Pre-vetted teams.
  • Reviews of offshore developers.
  • Has good customer feedback and testimonials.
  • Has an easy and quick hiring process.
  • Support facility when something goes wrong.
  • Transparent operation.
  • Has a risk-free trial.

4. Have A Conversation

To take it a step further for optimal overseas development, get in touch with the ideal vendor.

Explain your requirements and budget for the project, to better understand how they provide teams, ask relevant questions, and find out if there are any hidden costs or any other procedures that will affect deadlines.

According to project needs, they will assist startups with dedicated teams or individual developers within a few days.

5. Shortlist and Interview

Screen the resumes/portfolios of developers and see if they match the project requirements, tech stack knowledge, skills, and experience level on the shortlist.

Now to the interview process. Notify all the shortlisted overseas developers and vendors regarding the interview process, mention the time and date, and suggest a video conferencing platform.

Before you interview overseas developers for startups, get in touch with your technical expert or manager to prepare technical questionnaires to measure candidates’ caliber. Once you’ve found suitable developers, make an offer.

6. Onboard Overseas Developers for Startups

You have found the perfect offshore development team for your product development.

Once the team is onboarded, give a brief overview of your rules and regulations, and company culture, to avoid any misinterpretation incidents.


Hiring an overseas developer for startups is beneficial as they run on a tight budget and require quality products for brand recognition.

Many tech giants rely on these overseas developers to have the flexibility to upscale and downscale their teams as per market conditions, which saves a ton of money while bearing the minimal loss.

However, a startup should know how to hire overseas developers to avoid any misconceptions and prevent itself from being a scam victim. This article will help potential startup founders to know how to hire offshore developers and begin their overseas development.



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