How to Hire Vue.js Developers for Your Project

How to Hire Vue.js Developers for Your Project


The future of web applications has revolutionized as developers have started using improved and efficient programming languages and frameworks. Vue.JS has taken a huge leap to revolutionize the web as it provides many features which improve the performance and user engagement of the website. As Vue.JS gains every web app developer’s attention because of its simplicity and easy to use functionalities, many of them are looking toward becoming Vue.JS developers. As the demand for interactive and intuitive websites grows, many companies are willing to hire Veu.JS developers.

During the events of covid, many IT firms have faced severe developer resignation and they are eager to hire Vue.JS developers to fill the resource gap with remote jobs. Finding a perfect hire is never too easy as it takes effort to find the best-suited candidate as per project needs. This article will help you to clear out many key points on- how to hire Vue.JS developers for your project.

What is Vue.JS

Named by its creator Evan You, Vue.JS is a progressive framework for JavaScript used to build intuitive user interfaces and single-page applications(SPAs) for the web. Vue made its first appearance in 2014 and was initially used in China, now this popular JavaScript framework is used by millions of web and app developers worldwide.

Why Vue.JS

1. Lightweight

  • Vue.JS framework is tiny, it’s only 18kb.

2. Simple to Use

  • Vue Consists of Single File Components(SFCs) which contain all kinds of code such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Everything is in one single file, hence it is easier to locate each component and can change codes with ease and minimum effort.

3. Easy to learn

  • Vue.JS is easy to learn and implement, it’s the main characteristic which attracts a huge amount of developers to Vue. Starting with coding you don’t have to have a comprehensive knowledge of libraries, JSX, or Typescript.

4. Integration

  1. It’s an interesting fact that developers can easily integrate Vue.JS into other frameworks. For example, they can customize the projects by integrating Vue with Angular and React as per their requirements.
  2. The popularity of Vue has grown magnificently as it offers simple integration. Backend development can be performed by using JavaScript, which gives developers a chance to use the vast component library of Veu.JS for experimenting with single-page JavaScript applications. Also, the HTML blocks are no longer a pain for developers because of MVVM architecture.

5. User Friendly

  • The name Vue doesn’t really affect the reputation of Veu.Js as many newbie programmers found it easy to pronounce. They should always be well acquainted with the basics of HTML, CSS and JavaScript as compared to React and Angular as they require other things.

6. Easily Customizable and Adaptable

  • The Vue Framework is easy to customize and use. Vue stands out from its competitors Angular and React as its environment is easy to adapt, and even developers can use their preferred names to call a certain function.

7. Prominent Tools

  • Vue.JS has been around for 7 years, it has a wide community and has accumulated powerful tools which can be used for end to end testing as well as plugin installation systems.

8. DOM-inance

  1. The Document Object Model(DOM) defines the standards for accessing documents. It represents HTML pages with styles, elements and page content shown as linked objects. This generates a structure, with documents branching out from various parts.
  2. As the user interacts, the browser has to update information and render it to the user’s screen as objects change their state. This process is time-consuming as the whole page refreshes even if only one element changes. Vue.JS has virtual DOM which predicts what element requires updating without re-rendering the entire DOM which greatly improves the speed and performance of that app.

9. Two Way Binding

  • Vue inherited this feature from Angular.JS. two-way binding describes the connection between model data updates and UI, containing bound components that you can update from time to time.

  • With the help of two way binding, the updating of components and tracking data updates becomes easier. These bound data receive updates just like DOMs, and this framework is ideal for apps with real-time updates.

10. Single File Component and Readability

  1. Vue. JS uses different components to assemble your webpage. Every component of your app is different which represents an encapsulated element of the interface itself. These components are written in HTML, CSS and JavaScript.
  2. Reusable- The encapsulated components are nothing but code of chunks used for templates that Vue.JS developers can use again for the same elements.
  3. Easy Testing- The component-based approach simplifies testing as QA activity checks how smaller parts perform on their own in an app.
  4. Code Readability- Each component is stored in a separate file which makes the code reading much easier and easy to maintain.

Who is a Vue.JS Developer

Vue.JS Developers are responsible for creating the frontend graphical user interfaces for a website using the Vue.JS framework. A professional Vue.JS developer works on the designs, templates, and styles of each component of the interface present in the web application.

A web development company hires Vue.JS developers to embrace their workforce to fulfill project requirements.

Vue.JS Developer’s Job Description

To hire Vue.JS developers a company should always consider knowing their project needs and should always know the roles to hire Vue.JS developers.

  1. Create a User facing app and implement user interfaces using Vue.JS framework.
  2. Build reusable and modular components.
  3. Improve web app performance.
  4. Ensure the application is running smoothly without any bugs.
  5. Implement security patches.
  6. Identify and fix bugs.
  7. Cooperate with testing, development and other maintenance procedures.
  8. Suggest improvements and changes that stay up to date with modern security and development.
  9. Create well-written documentation for projects.

Vue.JS Developer’s Job Requirements

  1. Ability to solve problems, critical thinking and analytical thinking.
  2. Knowledge of Vue.Js and its object-oriented programming languages (OOPs).
  3. A strong grasp of JavaScript and Vue.
  4. Understanding of MVC pattern and its implementation.
  5. Deep understanding of server-side rendering.
  6. Understating various methods to test Vue.JS code.
  7. Experience with automated JavaScript testing.
  8. Ability to build efficient, scalable and clean JavaScript Code.
  9. Flawless teamwork and communication skills.

Vue.JS Developer’s Skills

Technical skills are one of the most important factors which should be considered when you hire Vue.js developers. Companies should always consider hiring a candidate whose profile matches their project requirements.


  1. HTML(HyperText Markup Language) and CSS(Cascading Style Sheets) are the foundation of web development. HTML is a programming language used for developing web pages, it structures each content in the web page. CSS on the other hand is a programming language used to define the presentation of documents written in HTML. CSS elevates the visual contents of a webpage.
  2. Vue applications are built using a single file component(SCF) that allows Vue.JS developers to define JavaScript logic, HTML code, and CSS styling in a single file.
  3. Companies should look for these skills when they hire Vue.JS developers as these are the foundations of Vue.JS.

JavaScript and Modern JavaScript

  • For every Vue.JS developer having a deep knowledge of JavaScript is a must. Vue application is built with dynamic data and responds to user input and reaction, JavaScript is used to write the logic for this behaviour with their SFC. Modern JavaScript improves the efficiency of web development.


  • Git is a version control system and is important for every Vue.JS developer as it allows to track changes in files, and simplifies working on files and projects. Also, one of the major benefits of Git is Other developers can also make changes to a particular developer’s code.


  • Vue.JS is a widely used progressive framework for JavaScript to build intuitive user interfaces and single-page applications(SPAs) for the web. Vue.JS provides a bunch of features with help of which Vue.JS developers can create templates with excellent visuals.

How to Hire Vue.JS Developers

There are multiple factors which should be considered before proceeding to hire Veu.Js developers.

Know your Project Requirements

  • Before proceeding to hire Vue.JS developers a company should always look for their project requirements and accordingly they should hire Vue.JS developers. This will provide the company with a deep insight and clarification of the developer’s profile and skill set.

Hire Vue.JS Developers on Different Platforms

  • After knowing your project requirements, create a job description and reach out to different platforms with a large number of candidates to hire Vue.JS developers such as LinkedIn.

Shortlist and Conduct Interviews

  • After posting jobs on different platforms, shortlist and create a list of professionals with the required skills and experience, and afterwards analyze their likelihood of successfully contributing to your project needs. Here you need to focus on a candidate’s projects and his responsibilities, and see if his profile matches your project requirement. Afterwards, conduct interviews and onboard the right candidate.

Platforms to Hire Vue.JS Developers

There are multiple platforms where you can hire Vue.JS developers, such as-


Optymize does all the heavy lifting to help you hire Vue.JS developers around the world. Hiring becomes easy with Optymize as we assure you to find the best developer as per your requirements within 48 hours.


LinkedIn is the top recruiting platform worldwide, you can find both remote and onsite opportunities on LinkedIn. Finding a Vue.JS developer on LinkedIn won’t be as easy as finding it on other platforms, because of its large candidate database of Vue.JS and other developers a company might need extra time to find and hire Vue.JS developers.


Upwork is a leading online workplace and the world’s no.1 freelancing website where you can find and hire Vue.JS developers worldwide. On Upwork, it’s simple to post jobs and get personalized bids to have a perfect match for your job requirements.

Vue.js Developers Salary

If you’re wondering how much does a Vue.JS developer make following data may clear your queries

In the USA

According to, a Vue developer’s average median salary in the USA is $117,375 per year which is $60.19 per hour. However, the entry-level salary of a Vue developer is $100,000 per year while experienced Vue developers make $140,000 per year.

In the UK

Again as per statistics by, a Vue developer’s average median salary in the UK is $63,620 per year which is $32.62 per hour. Also, the entry-level salary of a Vue developer is $50,747 per year while experienced Vue developers make $88,807 per year.

In the Asia and Africa

In the Regions of Asia and Africa, the average median salary of a Vue developer is $8K-$9K and $13k per year respectively.


Vue.js has gained immense popularity ever since its first appearance because of its advanced features and ability to work with other frameworks. Companies on the other hand are eager to hire Vue.JS developers who can fill their resource gap and build highly efficient and fast web applications. No wonder the future of Vue is blooming. This article will help you by clearing out key points regarding how to hire Vue.JS developers for your projects.



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