Sign Up on These 10 Websites to Find Freelance Developer Jobs

Sign Up on These 10 Websites to Find Freelance Developer Jobs


Are you new to the world of freelancing? Are you looking for sources to find the best freelance developer jobs? Then you are at the right place.

The size of the global market for business software and services, which was estimated to be worth USD 429.59 billion in 2021, is anticipated to increase at a CAGR of 11.7% from 2022 to 2030. So, if you are a developer who is looking for freelance developer jobs, then it’s a good time to start the journey.

Here, we will discuss the best websites that you can sign up with and start your freelance developer career right away.

1. Optymize


Optymize is one of the most rapidly expanding networks of qualified and exceptional talent from around the world. Many developers sign up with Optymize looking for freelance developer jobs.

Optymize hires freelance software developers for 100+ technologies. They hire freelance developers who are experts in Python development, Java development, React development, DotNet Development, Android Development, DevOps, iOS development, and many more. 

They also hire emerging technology developers, such as Blockchain developers, NFT developers, Data Scientists, Cyber Security Specialists, Metaverse Developers, Defi Developers, and Machine Learning Engineers.

If you think you have a talent for software development, then rest assured as Optymize has the best freelancing opportunities for you. As a first step, you should sign up with Optymize, take a test, and start your freelance developer journey by finding the best freelance developer jobs. 

Perks of working with Optymize

 i) Work from Anywhere

All the software development opportunities at Optymize are 100% remote. It only requires a time zone overlap.

ii) Competitive Payments

Optymize has a competitive payment system based on experience and many other factors.

iii) Simple Vetting Process 

Quickly and effectively complete the assessment process.

iv) Hands On-Support

Optymize ensures that your working experience is seamless from beginning to end.

2. PeoplePerHour

People Per Hour

PeoplePerHour is a freelance website like Freelancer and Upwork. PeoplePerHour is a professional platform, and customers expect a professional experience. You will find top freelance developer jobs with PeoplePerHour. Here, all developers have the option of setting their rates based on their level of expertise. 

As a freelancer on PeoplePerHour, you can search for projects manually or save automatic searches to notify you of new projects. You will find projects that match your skills and ability, then submit a compelling proposal to win the project. You will be able to send 15 proposals per month for free.  

3. TopCoder

The Topcoder community has over 1.5 million developers across 190+ countries. All Topcoder developers work remotely and deliver output virtually. If you are searching for the best freelance developer jobs then don’t miss out on this website that provides the best web development freelance jobs. 

At TopCoder, your talent is vetted through the real-world work you have accomplished. As a freelancer, you should be able to demonstrate technical capabilities through strong performance in competitive environments.

Topcoder has been developing enterprise software using a competition-based delivery model since 2001. The Topcoder platform has amassed millions of data points over that time to track Topcoder community members and their demonstrated successes across a vast array of technologies and skills.

Using this data, Topcoder can bring top freelance developer jobs and connect them with candidates based on enterprise quality work.

If you are looking for freelance developer jobs, then there will be plenty of good quality jobs for you.

4. Linkedin 


LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network. If you are trying to find top freelance developer jobs, then LinkedIn is the site you should visit. The network has more than 830 million members in more than 200 countries and territories worldwide.

LinkedIn’s mission is to connect professionals from around the world and make them more productive, leading to successful careers.

Reid Hoffman is the co-founder of LinkedIn. He began the platform in his living room in 2002 and it was officially launched on May 5, 2003.  

In December 2016, Microsoft completed the acquisition of LinkedIn, bringing together the world’s first professional cloud and the world’s first professional network.

LinkedIn is growing to be the best place to find freelance developer jobs. The pandemic proved that LinkedIn is a place for growth for every professional. 

5. Gigster


Gigster provides top freelance web development jobs. They select freelance web developers who are best at their jobs and choose them after the selection criteria. After choosing capable web developers, Gigster’s AI will match these freelancers with a project suited for their capabilities. Hence, providing the top freelance developer jobs to everyone.

It’s a great tool for more knowledgeable web developers to show their web design chops. Gigster also provides a great experience by allowing you to work with other web developers. They connect freelance developers with software developer jobs and web developer jobs. Collaboration among developers is a great way to hone skills. 


CodePen is a social development environment for web developers. In addition to job postings, it functions as an online code editor for developers of all skill levels to practice. CodePen encourages people to program and mainly focuses on front-end languages.

The website’s numerous tools can be used by freelance web developers to grow their businesses. These tools decrease coding errors, act as a portfolio, and even display the work of freelance developers that might serve as a source of inspiration for others.

The website’s streamlined and user-friendly interface makes it an effective tool for any aspiring independent web developer to begin advancing their career. Top freelance developer jobs cannot be discovered more simply. However, it is advised to utilize this effective website for several advantages.

7. X-Team


X-Team provides top freelance developer jobs. Additionally, they offer and provide their freelancers with mentorship and educational resources for all the freelance developers working with them. They provide software developers with jobs that are most suitable for their strengths and qualifications.

In addition to assisting you in developing your career, they also offer their freelancers additional incentives as a form of motivation and appreciation, such as funding, gym memberships, and much more.

At X-Team, they build high-performing teams of developers for the world’s leading brands. After joining X-Team’s community, you might get access to top freelance developer jobs and get a chance to work for companies like Riot Games, FOX, and Coinbase on long-term projects.

8. Dice


Dice has 3 million registered tech professionals, and every one of them is looking for the best freelance developer jobs. Their freelancers make them a very well-known IT and tech job board. The job postings are typically from high-priority clients, and the website receives over 2.4 million unique visitors each month.

Due to the exposure to premium freelance software developers, who are available for the job, clients are required to pay a fee of about $400 for a single posting. 

Additionally, the website serves as a networking discussion forum for IT professionals.

You will have a free Dice profile. Along with their cutting-edge data insights, it will also give you access to the jobs, businesses, and analysis you need to advance your freelance tech career.


Clients from all over the world can hire freelance web developers from who have a high level of technical proficiency. employs a stringent and thorough selection process to choose the top freelance web developers, just like the websites that were just mentioned.

They specialize in a wide range of fields, including project management, iOS, Android, LAMP,.NET, Java, C#, C++, Swift, Ruby on Rails, Scala, Ruby, PHP, Python, Django, Javascript, Objective-C, and Ruby.

Those freelancers who succeed in the selection process can fully commit to one of the many specializations available to them to hone their craft.

The suggestion is to keep sticking with a platform to find suitable freelance developer jobs for yourself. Otherwise, it will be like looking for a needle in a haystack.

10. Fiverr


If you want to find the top freelance developer jobs, then Fiverr is the place you should visit. On the freelancing website Fiverr, independent web developers can set their rates as per their level of expertise. Project costs range from $100 for inexperienced web designers to $10,000 for highly accomplished designers with illustrious portfolios.

Even though this is frequently the location of a site for smaller gigs, Fiverr’s large clientele guarantees that there is never a shortage of contracts for all skill levels.

Freelance Developer Salary 

Did you know that freelancing offers the best salaries compared to other tech giants? If not, here are some of the stats that might make you think twice about your current on-site role.

In 2021, worldwide freelancers started earning about $21 per hour, and their annual salaries jumped to an average of $87,000 per year.

A study conducted in 2019 revealed that 61% of freelancers have started earning more compared to regular office roles.

The top 10% of freelancers earn the highest as much as $130,000+ per year.

Women made up 90% of what men did in 2021. 


Why are these freelancing platforms flourishing these days? Because there’s a talent gap in the industry. Because of it, many companies turn to freelance websites to find the matching talent to skillfully integrate with the in-house team and scale the development team. 

If you want to take the chance of getting selected by top companies, then create a great CV and keep on upskilling yourself until you find your dream freelance developer job. 



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