Things to know before you outsource full stack developer for your project

Things to know before you outsource full stack developer for your project


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Creating a web application with outstanding aesthetics and quick performance is difficult. It needs a solid group of designers, QA analysts, frontend and backend engineers, etc. 

What if you could outsource full-stack engineers who could handle programming, styling, design, and markup? When you can save money by choosing one skilled developer to handle both front-end and back-end jobs, why hire separate front-end and back-end developers?

As the term implies, outsource full-stack developer can carry out all of the frontend and backend development-related activities.

Characteristics to Look into a outsource full-stack developer

They should be pros at solving issues 

Full-stack developers have worked on a variety of technologies and ideas. They should be able to construct a solution from a simple idea and can work independently to resolve complex development and design issues.

Full Stack Developers have a Wide Range of Skills

Due to their versatility and ability to work with a variety of development frameworks and technologies, startups favour and hire full stack developers

They should be skilled in JavaScript, HTML, CSS, and a number of contemporary content management systems, so they can handle the work of both a front-end and back-end developer.

Outsource Full Stack Developers Have the Ability to View a Project from a Wider Angle 

Full-stack developers have the authority to consider the wider picture because they define the complete framework of a project. With this capacity, they can offer insightful and beneficial explanations for the improvement of already developed concepts.

Full Stack Developers Are Capable of Quickly Resolving Problems 

When a startup decides to use full-stack development services, it gains the unheard-of advantage of quick bug fixes and troubleshooting. 

Full-stack developers should be able to foresee problems and suggest a workable solution for web app or website optimization.

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Things to know before you outsource full stack developer for your project

Which Tech-stacks should be taken into consideration Before 

You need first choose the project’s category. When selecting the appropriate tech stack, is the most crucial stage. 

Your choices for the technologies you can utilize will obviously be limited by various initiatives that focus on various platforms and device types.


CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets, whereas HTML stands for Hypertext Markup Language. Web content is added using HTML, and a website’s style and styling are customized using CSS. The appearance and feel of a website are both determined by HTML and CSS, and this eventually plays a significant role in luring potential clients. 

In order to use markup to define the structure of web pages, Full Stack Developers must deal with HTML.


JavaScript is a necessary Full Stack Developer expertise when it comes to web and software development. The majority of the time, adding behaviors to HTML requires an object-oriented programming language. One of the most often utilized languages for creating front- and back-end server code is this one.

One of JavaScript’s best qualities is that it has a tone of helpful features like functions, prototypes, higher-order event delegation, and closure that make it easier to make responsive web pages.


A JavaScript library that is used to create user interfaces. Learning React full stack development could provide you an advantage over other job hopefuls since it is becoming more and more in demand. 


Applications written in JavaScript can run on this platform. Since many businesses use it, having familiarity with it will increase your appeal to potential employers. 


A well-known version control tool that you may use to collaborate with other developers and keep track of changes to your code. Git knowledge is a requirement for full-stack developers in order for them to make the necessary adjustments to the codebase.

Backend Frameworks and Technologies 

Back-end programming requires a JavaScript runtime environment. The most popular choice is Node.js, which works well with JS. 

Since it is becoming more well-known in the web industry, Python is another important participant. Python is unique because of the modules that it offers. 

Other leading back-end technologies include C#, PHP, Perl, and Ruby.

Platforms for Web Hosting 

Your online applications are deployed via web hosting platforms. Aspiring full-stack developers should be aware with some of the top web hosting platforms because they will be necessary for their work. 

Some of the top web hosting platforms of this decade are AWS, Heroku, Google Cloud Platform, and Microsoft Azure.

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Which Technique should be taken into account

You need first choose the project’s category. When selecting the appropriate tech stack, this is the most crucial stage.

Your choices for the technologies you can utilise will obviously be limited by various initiatives that focus on various platforms and device types.

Budget Every project’s success or failure is inevitably determined by it. Consider all of the expenses that the project’s people and technology will incur.

Most of the time, technology expenditures cannot be avoided, particularly if it targets certain hardware or requires a proprietary tool.


Making an early decision about the type of technology to use is another crucial step in the project’s conception. Depending on the project, you might need some extremely specific technology that constricts your options.

Software Engineering

Application portability, scalability, and reusability are all made possible by software design. Your software architecture should serve as a guide for selecting your tech stack.

You ought to take into account technologies that support both static and dynamic component setups in light of this. Even with growth in users or the addition of more interesting features, it ensures smooth application performance.

Identifying the Type of Project

After identifying the platform, you still need to conduct additional research to select your tech stack. Based on the project’s size, complexity, processing power, and commercial objectives, you will make a decision.

Scalability Conditions

Making provisions for the growth in users and functionalities is the function of a tech stack in the scalability of an application. Your developers should select a tech stack that will allow for the addition of new, interesting features, user growth, and seasonal user increases.

Advantages of outsourcing

Decreased labor costs 

By contracting out particular tasks to other businesses, you can reduce the labour costs for your company. 

The third-party company hires the workers to carry out the activities and is in charge of their compensation, benefit plans, and training.

Larger talent available 

You can access a bigger talent pool when you outsource full stack developer to specialist businesses. Depending on where they are located and how many of their roles are remote, these companies have access to applicants in different regions of the country or the world.

Improved effectiveness 

You can outsource full-stack developer unnecessary tasks to sources with greater expertise. Increased productivity, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness may result from outsourcing those jobs to businesses with expertise in those areas. 

By focusing on hiring, training, facilities, and other resources that are part of your core business strategy, your organisation can boost efficiency.

Keep your full-time staff. 

It hurts when employees leave, especially in this day and age. When someone leaves, they take with them all the money you spent on hiring and training. 

Business operations can be disrupted and your team’s stress levels increased by turnover that occurs at the wrong moment (and is there ever a right time?).

Beware of unstated fees. 

Although outsourcing is often a cost-effective strategy for your company, there are occasionally unanticipated fees. 

When you outsource full stack developers as a competitive edge in your business, potential hidden expenses often soar. 

For instance, you ought to keep your proprietary information to yourself if you have proprietary software or a secret recipe for a product that, in some manner, makes yours 10 times better than the competition.


It goes without saying that choosing a outsource full-stack developer over employing a team of two people is a superior option. While task-specific professionals certainly have their own areas of specialty, a full-stack developer is a leader in software development.



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