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When you decide to hire MERN stack developers, there are plenty of options.

However, it’s hard to hire for a specific skill, especially with emerging businesses that claim they are ideal for your needs.

To some extent, it’s true. But it can be overwhelming to check out hundreds of companies and verify their expertise.

This is why we wrote this article, which has a list of the top 10 companies to hire MERN stack developers based on reviews, ratings, and rankings.

Top 10 Companies to Hire MERN Stack Developer- Shortlist

  1. Optymize
  2. Toptal
  3. Arc Dev
  4. Upwork
  5. Zazz 
  6. Mind Trust
  7. Seraro 
  8. Gaper
  9. Mobulinity
  10. ScrumTeams

Comparison Characteristics

Of course, the listed companies here are ideal for your MERN stack development. However, each company has its own advantages, which you should consider for your product development goals and, accordingly, pick the one that suits your needs.

To get things going, let’s compare a few facts about the top firms that employ MERN Stack developers that are listed in this top list.

Years of Experience

One of the most crucial factors in deciding whether or not to work with a company is its level of experience and maturity, especially in terms of how they manage client cooperation. Their experience will enable them to adjust to your project’s requirements.

Don’t forget that as experience level decreases, flexibility increases. Companies that are new in the development domain may have youthful perspectives and fresh ideas to effectively gear products. They may have senior developers and experts, but their coordination with clients tends to be weak. The complexity and funding of your project have a big impact on this decision-making process.

Team Size

Having a large number of teams may benefit your operations as you will be able to scale teams and products within a few days. This is an ideal scenario. If it happens, you won’t regret hiring from that respective firm.

However, in the case of contracts and documentation, it may become a hassle because they will require a huge chunk of time to get things processed. On the other hand, smaller companies win this parameter easily as they depend on fewer formalities, which lets them move ahead quickly.

Quality and Schedule

One of the most important components of your company and, consequently, of your growth, are developers. Because of this, you should consider how the team works, how many formalities are required to start a project, and how long the entire process takes before hiring a professional MERN Stack developer.

It’s not always about experience, it’s about delivering quality MERN Stack developers on time and communicating updates accurately. These are the hallmarks of any successful development company.

Comparison: Abilities :Approach

As a business owner, you are aware of how important it is to have a development partner who is also familiar with your enterprise, objectives, and strategy. It will be helpful to ensure that your project reaps the greatest benefits.

The more businesses invest in your project, the more likely it is that the finished product will propel your company to new heights.

Pick a company that considers its position from your perspective; this shows that they value your business more highly than their own.


It’s crucial to evaluate the company’s attitude toward project delivery. You should think carefully about some key questions, such as what they do to fully comprehend your requirements and the value they bring to your business.

A positive attitude can be interpreted as a sign of self-assurance in one’s abilities and in the quality of one’s output.

We reviewed the websites, blogs, social media accounts, and client reviews of these businesses to make this assessment.

Ownership and Partnership

The best way to determine whether development companies are better at ownership and partnership is to observe how easily they fit into your team.

A business also exhibits confidence when it takes on responsibility. It also suggests that they are completely aware of the possibility of mistakes and are unafraid of them. They will correct them and impart lessons in return.

The collaboration entails integrating with your team. sincerely taking part in it, seeing your success as a success for everyone.

Think about what is ideal for you. It will most likely be determined by your project. Choose a platform that offers total transparency and crystal-clear, flawless communication to keep your finger on the pulse.

1. Optymize

Optymize is a global marketplace for technical talent that connects companies with vetted remote engineers who are proficient in both technical and communication skills and are available during their business hours.

Optymize assesses three essential qualities: technical expertise, communication prowess, and the ability to work remotely.

With Optymize, you can get matched with a MERN Stack developer within 48 hours of the call with our Director of Engineering.

Following this, it is up to you how quickly you complete the interview and onboard the developer. Optymize freelancers typically begin working within 3-5 days of being matched. They do offer a two-week risk-free trial period.


Headquarters: Los Angeles, United States

Credibility & Excellence :
Optymize Named One of America’s Best Startup Employers for 2021 by Forbes.
Optymize Named to Fast Company’s Annual List of the World’s Most Innovative Companies for 2021.

Hourly Price : $25 – $49 / hr

Offered Services: Software Development, IT Services, Business Consulting

Served Clients: Tesla, Amazon, Spotify, Airbnb

Employees: 10 – 49

Pros from clients: “Hasslefree & Excellent communication, Great leadership, Technical Skills, Skilled development team, fast delivery, Round clock help”

Industry: Information Technology, Business Services
Expertise: Blockchain, Cyber Security, Data Science, IoT, Machine Learning, Metaverse, NFT, Nodejs, ReactJs.

2. Toptal

Toptal is an exclusive network of top talent available for hire. They are problem solvers with a strong sense of integrity, and leading companies rely on them for their most critical initiatives. Toptal assists organizations in achieving the world-class scale, execution speed, and agility required to compete in an increasingly innovative and competitive environment.

Toptal, which was founded in 2010, now serves over 10,000 clients and has a global talent network of over 10,000 people spread across 100+ countries.


Headquarters: New York, United States

Review and Rating: Clutch – 4.3 stars (179 reviews); Trustpilot – 4.7 stars (1428 reviews

Hourly Price : $100 – $149 / hr

Offered Services: Software Development, Web Development, Mobile App Development

Years of Experience: 12

Served Clients: J.P. Morgan, Zendesk, Artsy, IDEO, Pfizer

Employees : 1,000 – 9,999

Pros from clients: “They invest a good amount of time vetting their candidates”, and “Showed great knowledge and delivered high-quality work.”

Industry: Business services, Consumer products & services, Financial services

Skills: Blockchain Developers, AI Developers, Full Stack Developers


Arc Dev connects you with qualified full-time/part-time developer candidates who have the required programming skills and abilities. You can hire them across the entire tech stack, from front-end and back-end developers to full stack and DevOps engineers.

They work across every technology stack and time zone, delivering complex projects on time in a variety of industries. They are valuable team members with a track record of problem-solving.


Headquarters: Mountain View, California, United States

Hourly Price: $60 to $200+

Employees: 11-50

Offered Services: Software Development, Blockchain Development, Web Development, Mobile App Development

Served clients: Spotify, Hubspot, Hims

Industry: Software services

Years of Experience : 3

Skills: Blockchain Development, AI Development, Full Stack Development

4. Upwork

Identifying the skills your project needs is one of the first steps in hiring any talent. You can find qualified remote talent on Upwork who can help you with all of your IT and development needs.


Headquarters: San Francisco, California, US

Review and Rating: The rating is 4.8 out of 5

Hourly Price: $22–$100+

Offered Services: Freelancing services

Years of Experience: 8

Served Clients: 1.8 million freelancers

Employees: 540

Pros from clients: Great communication, project finished way ahead of schedule.

Industry: Freelance Marketplace, Project Catalog, Talent Scout, Hire an Agency, Enterprise

Skills: Development and IT, Sales & Marketing

5. Zazz

Zazz is a prominent mobile app development company that has been at the forefront of software design and development innovation.

They offer the top 2% of cost-effective mobile app developers specializing in various mobile app development aspects.


Headquarters: Seattle, Washington, United States

Review and Rating: Clutch – 4.5 stars; Good Place To Work Certified

Hourly Price : $60- $100 / hr

Offered Services: Mobile app development, IT services

Years of Experience: 12

Served Clients: McDonald, KPMG, Walmart

Employees: 11-50

Industry: IT

Skills: Blockchain Development, Mobile App Development, Cloud Computing, Virtual Reality, IoT

6. Mind Trust

MindTrust gives you access to a top-tier professional network. It’s an all-star team of top technologists, marketers, and creatives from leading companies.

It provides a modern hiring model, agencies, and outsourcing to affordably grow your business with fluid teams of talented business strategists.


Headquarters: New Haven, Connecticut, United States

Review and Rating: Glassdoor- 5 stars

Hourly Price : $70- $100 / hr

Offered Services: Development, IT services, Strategy solutions, Design, and Graphic Solutions, Production services

Years of Experience: 9

Served Clients: American Express, Deloitte, Honeywell, VISA

Employees: 51-100

Industry: Software Development

Skills: Blockchain, AI, Data Science, DevOps, Web 3.0

7. Seraro

Established in 2006, Seraro is an outsourcing agency that focuses on designing and engineering digital platforms to deliver customer-first human experiences.

Having served some of the popular companies like NASA, LinkedIn and BOEING they have gained quite a reputation.

They provide flexible models that help you to fill the technical skills in the shortest period of time.


Headquarters: Peachtree City, Georgia, United States

Review and Rating: Clutch- 4.7

Hourly Price : $80- $100 / hr

Offered Services: Custom Software development, Dedicated staffing, Product development

Years of Experience: 16

Served Clients: NASA, LinkedIn, BOEING

Employees: 50-249

Industry: IT Product development, Dedicated Staffing

Skills: Mobile App Development, Web Development, Software Development, QA, DevOps


Gaper is a leading marketplace for software engineers. It has served fortune 500 companies to accelerate growth in their initial stage of product development. They have over 2100+ talented top 1% of developers that can be hired within a short period of time.


Headquarters: Foster City, CA, USA

Review and Rating: Clutch- 4.9

Hourly Price : $65- $100 / hr

Offered Services: AI Development, Custom Software development, IT services

Years of Experience: 4

Served Clients: IventHub, Filecamp,

Employees: 250-999

Industry: Digital Products, Consumer IT products

Skills: Mobile App Development, Web Development, Software Development

9. Mobulinity

Mobulinity is a Ukrainian-based nearshoring company that serves businesses with top developers from every corner of the world.

They offer a flexible model from which businesses can access a talent pool of 200,000+ Ukrainian software developers while maintaining total control over the development process.


Headquarters: Kyiv, Ukraine

Review and Rating: Clutch- 4.6

Hourly Price : $60- $80/ hr

Offered Services: Web Development, Software development, IT services, IoT development

Years of Experience: 12

Served Clients: Zenchef, Esurance, XPLG, Paidy

Employees: 50-249

Industry: IT Innovation and Research

Skills: Web Development, Software Development, Smart Apps Engineering, IoT

10. ScrumTeams

ScrumTeams is a digital transformation company that provides elite remote software development teams at affordable prices.

Their scrum teams are exceptionally talented and have developed state-of-the-art and cutting-edge technologies.

They have served 60+ clients to help achieve high agility within a few weeks.


Headquarters: California, US

Review and Rating: Clutch- 4.9

Hourly Price : $60- $100 / hr

Offered Services: Fullstack Development, Front-end Development, Backend Development, Mobile App Development, Scrum Master, QA

Years of Experience: 2

Served Clients: Nortan Agency, Archideators, Dairyland

Employees: 50-249

Industry: Scrum Development, Custom Software Development

Skills: Mobile App Development, Software Development, Fullstack Development, QA Scrum Master


You surely have some favorites by now. Continue your research by analyzing other top lists or contacting chosen companies right away.

Before starting the cooperation, remember to recon the way they manage the project, and ask how they will provide the highest level of transparency. Recognize your role in the whole process, ways of communication, and how the project will be managed.

Choosing the perfect company to hire MERN Stack developers can be daunting. You will have a lot on your mind when you start the process. You want to make sure you choose the right team to build exactly what you require.

You want to make sure your expectations are met and exceeded — and, most importantly, that your costs will remain under control during the entire development lifecycle.

Good Luck!



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