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Explore the detailed case studies of how Optymize helped its clients to scale product development teams with remote developers.

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Our platform focuses on making the remote hiring process easier by providing top quality vetted developers from around the world. Through our service many well-known companies have scaled their product development team.

How Greenhouse bypassed the long hiring process with Optymize to focus on their core values for their audience.

Greenhouse has a culture to believe in the power of people. They wanted a diverse team of developers to fit their values. Optymize provided both cultural and technical solutions.

How Limeade swiftly hired developers with Optymize.

Limeade didn’t want to indulge themselves in the long and risky process of recruiting, hiring, and onboarding developers. They contacted Optymize for a fast hiring process.

How Bright Healthcare found product development teams with Optymize.

Bright HealthCare wanted quality candidates for the long-term, who had extensive training and fit the company culture.

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How Skyword executed their vision and improved their ROI with using optimal resources by partnering with Optymize.

Skyword wanted to establish trust with their audiences by delivering the best content experience. With Optymize, they hired technical experts to make their business strategy possible.

How Calm provided their best user experience using a team of 5 Optymize developers.

Calm is dedicated to providing a positive user experience through its software and client service. With 5 Optymize developers they were able to provide best client service.

How Wheel sealed the technical gap in the field of hiring top talents and succeeded with Optymize.

Wheel wanted a team that is more integrated than a traditional outsourcing contract. With Optymize they found the perfect team that quickly integrated with the core team.

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How WebMD decided to try creating embedded technical teams with Optymize and expanded their technical teams.

With Optymize, WebMD not only dodged technical issues but also the company’s privacy policies.

How BambooHR Maximize Their Efficiency And Keep Up With The Growth After Finding Optymize

BambooHR has an ambition to manage workforce data in an easier, faster and more fluid way. Optymize developers worked with their core technologies and improved their growth.

How HealthSherpa focused on building innovative products and providing the best client experience with Optymize.

Optymize helped in expanding HealthSherpa’s core product such as health insurance shopping experience.

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How Spotio continued serving companies transform into elite brands using Optymize remote developers.

Optymize Developers led the development of the Spotio’s core codebase, building architecture and migration from platform to another.

How Leapwork Overcame The Hiring Challenges Using Optymize

Optymize developers helped Leapwork in building their mind-boggling complex technical product that surpassed Leapwork’s expectations.

How Optymize helps in launching TalentLMS and with updated features and new products with the help of remote Optymize developers.

For TalentLMS, Optymize developers were vital to the growth of their product and launch them in the market.

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How Amwell Used Optimal Resources And Found The Best Developers To Expand Their Product Development Team Using Optymize

ReBid in collaboration with Optymize with build their products by increasing their product development team who worked on integrating new features to the technical components of their products.

How Optymize assisted Attentive Mobile in maximizing their development teams without sacrificing the quality of software development.

Attentive Mobile wanted a talent partner who would make the end-to-end hiring process quick and easy. Optymize developers offered more than they asked for.

How RD&X Network transformed their ReBid product development team of developers with Optymize

ReBid in collaboration with Optymize with build their products by increasing their product development team who worked on integrating new features to the technical components of their products.

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How Osttra used Optymize’s blockchain solutions to modernize the Global Supply Chain?

Osttra is able to develop a global network for the smooth implementation of bulk trade operations, thanks to blockchain solutions from Optymize products Quorum, Codefi, and Diligence.

How DigitalBits joined with Optymize in developing the Propriety Defi NFT Reputation Protocol?

An NFT protocol that allows products for sale in NFT marketplaces or exchanges to be appropriately classified. DigitalBits and Optymize collaborated to create a Defi reputation protocol to address problems in the NFT market caused by a lack of reputation networks.

How has Optymize helped in the security auditing of Blockchain wallet?

Our team successfully audited a Tezos wallet as well as a decentralized application (dApp) made up of smart contracts, a bot application, and a frontend library. Following the audit, we gave the client a full report on the detected vulnerabilities as well as simple advice on how to remedy them.

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How Optymize helped build a vulnerability management platform for Automox?

Automox is a comprehensive scanning platform for network infrastructure, online applications, and APIs. It provides tools for assessing users’ susceptibility to phishing attempts, offering strong insights and allowing you to take complete control of network security and external service security.

Optymize’s security services reverse engineered source code to deliver a better online defense system.

The client company provides online tickets for a range of entertainment and sporting events. The company’s Android app was handed to the Optymize team for black box vulnerability testing. The primary focus was on ensuring the security of account access data in transit and at rest.

How Optymize assisted a client in their cybersecurity needs through black-box security testing and source reverse engineering.

A healthcare company designed an app to assist doctors in visits and shifts and provide real-time information regarding patients’ current state of health which required security testing that was performed thanks to Optymize’s cybersecurity services.

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How Starcomm Scales Data Teams to Serve the World’s Largest Advertisers

Starcomm was growing the data science and developers team to continue to expand their technical functionality.

How Optymize Provided BI And Analytics Solution For Sales And Distribution Organization

Optymize Developers created data-driven visualizations and dashboards and aided Crunchbase to explore nearly three years worth of client data in order to make better business decisions.

How Optymize offered Data Analytics to extract and analyze Social media Data for a medical equipment company

Optymize aided the client by providing a comprehensive and easy-to-understand Social Media Dashboard with numerous social media analytics data.

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How Optymize offered DeFi services to evaluate smart contracts to ensure a flawless DeFi system.

Optymize developers perform security audits to discover possible vulnerabilities and address them with proper solutions with optimum resources.

Optymize designed smart economy and developed web wallet, DApp and Android Application

Optymize provided decentralized financial services in order to provide a unique solution to facilitate worldwide digital payments based on blockchain technology.

Marhaba is bringing a world-first Shariah compliant DeFi platform to the space, backed by Optymize’s end-to-end services.

Marhaba’s aim was to bridge the gap between the Muslim community and the blockchain world by merging their knowledge of the Islamic ecosystem.

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The Role of IoT in Retail Success - The Smart Checkout App's Story

When a consumer exits a store, the app automatically deducts the price from the user’s mobile payment app

How Optymize worked on NextEra Energy’s IoT energy monitoring platform through scalable infrastructure.

Optymize developed IoT energy monitoring platform to be compatible with a variety of users ranging from households to suppliers, allowing them to gain great transparency in power consumption, allowing for greater efficiency, security and flexibility.

How Optymize assisted Telefonica in developing an IoT dashboard and administration panel.

Optymize developed an IoT platform whose dashboard would allow data to be rendered in a single control panel and also allow administrators to configure the devices remotely as well as monitor and visualize the data on either a macro or micro scale.

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Optymize Creates A Virtual Reality Meeting Platform For Businesses

A platform that is cross-device compatible and can run on VR headsets, laptops, and smartphones. A platform that can be readily integrated and adapted to meet the demands of the business.

How ibranding created a virtual and immersive environment as a means to connect communities.

IBranding contacted Optymize to deliver community experiences that build and share insights from Optymize’s remote community of proficient developers.

How a skill development company explored virtual training options to expand their reach to meet care facilities' training needs and challenges.

Optymize’s technical teams helped in retaining the core principles of in-person training, including live, instructor-led delivery, while leveraging the opportunities of the online platform.

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How Optymize helped integrate a Business Intelligence system for plants for a client company

The customizable solution incorporates all data about the manufacturing process into an easy-to-use web platform, making cost analysis and scenario planning much easier.

How Optymize used AI-Powered Solutions for Cancer Drug Development and Research

Using cutting-edge technology and technical experience, the business analyses unmet needs, potential side effects, gaps in the market, and other combinations that can help forecast the success of a novel pharmaceutical substance.

Optymize’s Machine Learning Services directed the business of hotel brand towards profitability and efficiency.

The Client wanted to analyze data based on different criteria related to the hospitality industry such as number of rooms, meal ordering data, and utilize these data and change the dynamism of online marketplace to provide services for better client experience and satisfaction.

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How Optymize assisted a client in creating an NFT marketplace app for short videos.

Optymize created an NFT marketplace for short videos. Optymize provided a means of handling the many issues plaguing current blockchain architecture such as poor user experience and block size restrictions by using a matic framework incorporated in the app.

Gachyi Land creates inclusive ecosystem with their super fun game, bringing profit-making opportunities to gamers and game designers

Gachyi Land brings to life the first play-to-earn MMORPG game and NFT launchpad, creating an ecosystem based on gacha systems, with the help and support of the expert tech of Optymize.

Indie Music entered the ever-growing NFT market soon and now became an active platform worldwide.

PoPMelodies is an international digital music company that fuels up passions of music makers globally. Originated for artists aiming to sell their sounds, share their unique work, and collaborate with their peers.

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