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Gachyi Land creates inclusive ecosystem with their super fun game, bringing profit-making opportunities to gamers and game designers

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Our platform focuses on making the remote hiring process easier by providing top quality vetted developers from around the world. Through our service many well-known companies have scaled their product development team.
Gachyi Land’s play-to-earn approach creates an open economy in which all players have 100 percent ownership and control over their in-game assets, as well as several opportunities to be rewarded with fungible and non-fungible tokens. Artists may use Gachyi Land’s resources to make NFT art to display on its platform. Furthermore, its smart contracts ensure that all of the game’s original authors of NFTs are recognised, registered, and awarded copyrights to all of their creations. Along with purchasing and selling NFTs in the marketplace, the Gachyi Land game provides players with additional ways to earn rewards, such as fighting, going on daring excursions seeking rare things, breeding, and large land sales.
“The internet is a rapidly expanding platform that touches all aspects of our lives. It is being transformed in large part thanks to blockchain technology. Optymize assisted us in many ways in covering the blockchain and NFT topics.”
Rudolph Kelsi
CTO, Gachyi Land

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