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How DigitalBits joined with Optymize in developing the Propriety Defi NFT Reputation Protocol?

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The DigitalBits Foundation is a non-profit organization and major contributor to the DigitalBits Project, dedicated to the advancement of the DigitalBits environment and related technologies. Their primary goals are to support the adaption of the DigitalBits blockchain and cryptocurrencies in boosting the user experience and social responsibility initiatives; to shape commercial standards and demands for technical development; to practice accountability and sustainability, and to facilitate partnerships and ecosystem development. DigitalBits aimed to construct a reputation layer for each NFT transaction, which proved to be a tough effort in and of itself. Another significant project problem was the development of the DigitalBits utility token for crowdsourcing reputation, availability, advocacy, and administration. The DigitalBits Protocol infrastructure makes use of a variety of tokens, including the DigitalBits token, Native ledger tokens, and other tokens that are used to value NFT transactions. As a result, the protocol’s development proved to be both challenging and fascinating. Optymize made use of plenty of features to tackle this challenge with our talented developers. Features include time staking, propriety protocol, digital permanency, and so on. To solve the current challenges in NFT exchanges, our team at Optymize appropriately established the protocols and built the reputation layer for enabling NFT transactions. The Digitalbit token was implemented, allowing users to make the most of them while keeping all transactions traceable, transparent, and safe.
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