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How Optymize Provided BI And Analytics Solution For Sales And Distribution Organization

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The client is a manufacturing B2B company based in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. It has its own line of products, which includes fruit juices, processed milk, and milk products. All important operations, like sales, promotion, invoicing, and product returns, have a high influence on their business model. The client wanted to use nearly three years’ worth of transactional data to create data-driven visualizations and dashboards. Due to the lengthy sales cycles, a significant amount of data is created. The client required certain advanced features in the dashboards and reports. For example, the first day of the week is set to Sunday by default. Optymize’s solution was easy to understand and use, and it aided the customer in data exploration. SSIS technology is used to migrate data from a transaction system to a data warehouse. To manage huge and near-real-time data, Optymize used a tabular approach. Customized code to display Sunday as the first working day, and a Power BI bookmark to handle toggling between amount and quantity. Optymize provided an astonishing result that included the sales and marketing reports that are effective and well-optimized, with rich graphical presentations and visualizations of sales/quantity details. Analyze good and bad returns to determine the causes of the returns and, as a result, take efforts to mitigate those causes. Focus on a campaign that generates more sales, quality selling across channels, and the identification of more popular items.
“The idea that Optymize is always there to have your back is an important factor in the software development process. They are readily available. Only a call is enough to schedule a meeting and get the update of the work.”
Neil Patel
Chief Technology Officer, Crunchbase

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