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How Optymize worked on NextEra Energy’s IoT energy monitoring platform through scalable infrastructure.

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NextEra Energy developed a smart box that allowed responsive power usage, storage and pricing control in the home. The smart box helped in controlling the overall usage of the power at home. Optymize was connected with the smart box project since its inception. The Optymize team was tasked with designing, implementing, and improving the platform’s capabilities, as well as developing apps for various end-users. Optymize provided various solutions to enhance the capabilities of the platform. The team developed a reliable connection connection between all system pieces resulting in smooth operation of the system. The team built architecture that ensures data security and consistency.Using data analytics and visualization tools they implemented a design on the front-end that displayed energy usage insights and trends, as well as study metrics and telemetry. All the development and enhancement on the smart box system made by the Optymize team led to an advanced system that is tested, secure, exceptionally fast and highly maintainable. The smart box system stands out among many other systems.
“The Optymize developers take a very professional approach. I am really satisfied with the end result. They executed the assignment on schedule and under budget, as I had requested.”
Chief Human Resource, NextEra Energy

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