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How Optymize offered DeFi services to evaluate smart contracts to ensure a flawless DeFi system.

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Green Spirit Farms, one of our clients, is a platform for establishing liquidity and selling FA 1.2 and FA 2 tokens on the Tezos network. Green Spirit Farms, unlike centralized exchanges, allows users to trade directly from their wallets and does not manage their funds. This is why Green Spirit Farms must offer the highest level of security and performance for its smart contracts. They reached us with the request to do a security audit for the installation of a decentralized finance smart contract. Because they work in the Defi sector, our clients must ensure that their smart contracts run properly and that their users’ monies are secure. Green Spirit Farms desired an unbiased assessment of their smart contract security and the identification of potential weaknesses. We at Optymize assembled a team of blockchain developers with experience auditing smart contracts to assist our customers in ensuring the security of their products. The team conducted an analysis of the project, established the scope of work, planned their actions, and got our client’s approval of the plan. We detected 15 vulnerabilities after doing a swap and Defi smart contract security audit; Two high-risk vulnerabilities connected to system norms, Six medium-risk vulnerabilities related to excessive admin powers that might potentially cause unexpected behavior, Seven low-risk vulnerabilities with little probability of disrupting the contract’s execution flow. Our customer was able to swiftly and efficiently fix the most serious issues thanks to Optymize’s immediate feedback on smart contract vulnerabilities and ideas on how to handle them.
“Thanks to Optymize’s work, our client managed to significantly increase test coverage of their smart contracts. For some contracts, they improved test coverage by 20% to 30%.”
Dan K.
R&D, Green Spirit

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