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Optymize’s Machine Learning Services directed the business of hotel brand towards profitability and efficiency.

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The Park India is a major 5-star hotel brand established in India that is registered with a number of online hotel booking service providers. The client wanted to analyse data based on various criteria related to the hospitality industry, such as the number of rooms and meal ordering data. The Park India contacted Optymize to improve their user experience by making it easier for their customers to decide the per day rent for online hotel booking service platform. The client desired a software solution that would assist them in determining per-day hotel room rental costs. Optymize’s solution automates the process of finding the best potential rent for rooms from among all those posted. Various graphical representations are provided based on various characteristics such as accommodations, bedrooms, beds, baths, and so on. These visualizations provide a lot of clarity when it comes to making the best judgments. It offers the best potential rental price for all hotels based on average rates and is most cost effective for short-term tenants.
“The fact that Optymize listened to our idea and delivered a well crafted end product within the stipulated time shows a bright business development strategy. Optymize transformed our technical side and the best part is with optimal resources.”
Sameer Choudhry
Chief Technology Officer, The Park India

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