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The Role of IoT in Retail Success - The Smart Checkout App's Story

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Our client wanted to use IoT to track things a customer looked at online and deliver that customer a personalized discount when he came into the store. The Internet of Things (IoT) is one of the most rapidly emerging technologies today. The Internet of Things is revolutionizing the retail industry. Many stores around the world are already utilizing IoT. According to Grand View Research, the retail IoT sector could be worth $94 billion by 2025. IoT can eliminate inventory errors, make the best use of supply chain management, and save labor expenses. One difficult job was integrating IoT devices into their day-to-day operations, which necessitated innovation, anticipation, and foresight. Another difficult issue was using sensors such as beacons to provide a more engaging in-store buying experience using beacon-powered apps, sensor-based asset tracking, interactive digital signage panels, and connected mobile shopping apps. Optymize’s team has been working on this project since July 2021. We intended to use IoT to construct a checkout system that tallied the products and automatically deduced the cost from the consumers’ mobile payment app. We also wanted to reward clients who returned frequently for their loyalty. We also introduced Beacons, which are small Bluetooth devices that transmit alerts to smartphones depending on proximity enabling customers to receive a discount on special events or other reminders when they are near a shop and have already downloaded the store’s app. Finally, IoT was used to successfully develop a checkout system that tallies the items and automatically deducts the cost from the consumers’ mobile payment app.
“The Optymize developers take a very professional approach. I am really satisfied with the end result. They executed the assignment on schedule and under budget, as I had requested.”
Chief HR, Getstark

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