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David Guillermo

Vue.js Developer

David is a passionate software developer in the fields of backend and web/ mobile development. He has also worked on several projects using Vue.js for development.

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David is a passionate fullstack developer based out of Tijuana, Mexico. He studied Information Technology. He has been with Optymize for the past one year. David’s exceptional knowledge and understanding of his subject helped him start his career intensively. He worked in the fields of backend, web and mobile development. He likes to cook in his free time. He has collections of recipe books and during free time he travels to different places to explore different food habits.

Life Before Optymize

He received an offer letter right after completing graduation. Within one year, he left the job to begin a venture of his own. He said, “I got a team of developer friends and we wanted to start something of our own. We started our company and then covid arrived.” It was hard for him to cope up with the situation. “I wanted to travel to another corner of the world in search of a job. My father supported me and asked me to find something nearby.”

How Did Learn about Optymize?

He began searching for online jobs and found the link of Optymize while reading a blog. David knew about remote working but he didn’t find anything compelling as Optymize. Within three hours after signing up, David received a link to appear on certain tests. David followed the instructions and finished the tests that consisted of MCQs, Coding Challenges. After that he was asked to submit required documents along with a one minute video resume. His application was processed within two days and after that he began to receive work offers from Optymize. “I received my first gig within three weeks of joining Optymize.” he said.

His journey with Optymize

His first assignment was to design one website for a college. He handled front end tasks as well as helped the backend team with database issues. “I never thought I would be able to work on projects with people from different countries and learn from everyone at the same time.” David discussed teamwork and how every team member supported each other. He said, “My first project manager was very humble, he rectified a few deliberate mistakes I made and taught me how to avoid them. It was great.” David also shared his future plan saying, “I am working on my second gig, and I want to work as much as I can with Optymize because it has provided me the life I always wanted to live.”

Final Verdict

After following the time flexibility David can now manage to travel in the nearby city during off time. “I get proper time for myself too. I travel and collect recipe books. It makes me happy.” David says that Optymize became an extensive part of his life in this short period of time which is helping him in steering his career in a better direction.

Ready to build your career from home?

Ready to build your career from home?​

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Optymize has a consistent flow of great opportunities. I have had the chance to work on several detailed projects over a number of months, which has significantly increased my expertise in my field. Working with Optymize has been a great experience
Rohit Gupta
Front end web developer
Wanhao Li
Full Stack developer
Optymize gave me exciting opportunities to work from home on various projects. I have learned new skills and grown as a developer after working with Optymize. I have been impressed by the structure and professionalism of this company and look forward to continuing to grow alongside them.
Optymize allowed me the freedom to live where I want and how I want while working on my terms. I develop world class projects from my home – the dream! Optymize allows me to have a career that I love, as well as the work-life balance that I need.
Badis Mohammade
DevOps developer

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