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A global professional service company with leading capabilities in digital, cloud and security is seeking for MySQL database administrators. They have the world’s largest network of Advanced Technology and Intelligent Operations centers that offers strategy and consulting. The engineer will experience an intensive corporate experience where he needs to apply his expertise to deliver world-class solutions on various database operations, installation, testing and protection of databases.

Job Responsibilities

designing databases and ensuring their stability, reliability, and performance.
Design stable, reliable and effective databases Modify databases according to requests and perform tests Solve database usage issues and malfunctions Advanced Stored Procedures, Query Optimization(SARGs), Query Analyzer.
Gather user requirements and identify new features Design and Create tables, views, triggers and procedures for our new reporting database schema.
Provide data management support to users Ensure all database programs meet company and performance requirements.
Research and suggest new database products, services and protocols

Job Requirements

Database developer with extensive experience using Mysql 5.0 and MYISAM.
In-depth understanding of data management and operations such as permissions, recovery, security and monitoring.
Experience in SQL development and supporting core Data Warehouse functions.
Excellent analytical and organization skills.
An ability to understand front-end users requirements and a problem-solving attitude.
Familiarity with NoSQL database systems, such as MongoDB and CouchDB

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Alan Finkel

Partner, Union Innovation

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