Remote MERN Stack Developer Salary

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How much is the MERN Stack developer salary?

The MERN stack is the popular choice for companies who want to quickly move with their projects, particularly with React.js. It is ideal for full-stack development that reduces additional costs and maximizes profits.  

This pushes companies to recruit and retain MERN Stack developers with handsome perks. The average MERN Stack developer salary in US falls between $87,500 and $146,000 per year, and it varies depending upon the location and level of expertise, so stick around to find out.

MERN Stack Developer Salaries by Locations

Because of the difference in living standards, the salaries in developed countries are higher compared to those in developing nations.

Location Avg. Salary in USD
USA 125,000
India 10,400
Germany 76,000
UK 53,000
Ukraine 26,000
MERN Stack Developer Salary by location

Remote MERN Stack Programmer Salaries

MERN is popular among IT firms. Companies hire talented remote MERN stack developers because they are more productive, efficient, and profitable. Unlike in-house developers who constantly fail to deliver quality products.

On average, a remote MERN stack developer salary falls between $87,000 and $175,000 per year.

MERN Stack Developer Salary Based on Experience

Junior MERN Stack Developer Salary

Around the world, junior developers make up the majority of software developers with 0-1 year of experience. 

Their responsibilities are heavily focused on coding, and they require constant supervision from their superiors.

On average, a junior MERN stack developer earns a salary of $87,750 per year.

Intermediate MERN Stack Developer Salary

An intermediate MERN stack developer handles some tedious parts of the project, including assisting juniors. He shapes the development cycle according to checkpoints and carries out front-end and back-end operations within the deadline.

On average, an intermediate MERN stack developer earns a salary of $107,500 per year.

Senior MERN Stack Developer Salary

A senior MERN stack developer designs, codes, tests, debugs, and maintains the application for successful deployment. He solves some of the crucial system failures and updates product managers on the progress of the project. On average, a senior MERN stack developer earns a salary of $136,500 per year.

“High quit rates in the US have thrown hiring managers and CXOs into the deep end to meet their product development needs. And 73% of engineers are negotiating for a higher salary.”, stated an industry insight report published by PGC Group.

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